called GENESIS.

Chap. 1
1 The creation of Heauen and Earth, 3 of the light, 6 of the firmament, 9 of the earth separated from the waters, 11 and made fruitfull, 14 of the Sunne, Moone, and Starres, 20 of fish and fowle, 24 of beasts and catell, 26 of Man in the Image of God. 29 Also the appointment of food.
Chap. 2
1 The first Sabbath. 4 The maner of the creation. 8 The planting of Eden, 10 and the riuer thereof. 17 The tree of knowledge onely forbidden. 19. 20 The naming of the creatures. 21 The making of woman, and institution of Mariage.
Chap. 3
1 The serpent deceiueth Eue. 6 Mans shamefull fall. 9 God arraigneth them. 14 The serpent is cursed. 15 The promised Seed. 16 The punishment of Mankind. 21 Their first clothing. 22 Their casting out of Paradise.
Chap. 4
1 The birth, trade, and religion of Cain and Abel. 8 The murder of Abel. 9 The curse of Cain. 17 Enoch the first citie. 19 Lamech and his two wiues. 25 The birth of Seth, 26 and Enos.
Chap. 5
1 The genealogie, age and death of the Patriarchs from Adam vnto Noah. 24 The godlinesse and translation of Enoch.
Chap. 6
1 The wickednesse of the world, which prouoked Gods wrath, and caused the Flood. 8 Noah findeth grace. 13 The order, forme, and end of the Arke.
Chap. 7
1 Noah, with his familie, and the liuing creatues, enter in the Arke. 17 The beginning, increase, and continuance of the Flood.
Chap. 8
1 The waters asswage. 4 The Arke resteth on Ararat. 7 The rauen and the doue. 15 Noah, being commanded, 18 goeth forth of the Arke. 20 He buildeth an Altar, and offereth sacrifice, 21 which God accepteth, and promiseth to curse the earth no more.
Chap. 9
1 God blesseth Noah. 4 Blood and murder are forbidden. 9 Gods Couenant 13 signified by the Rainebow. 18 Noah replenisheth the world, 20 planteth a Vineyard, 21 is drunken, and mocked of his sonne: 25 Curseth Canaan, 26 Blesseth Shem, 27 prayeth for Iaphet, 28 and dieth.
Chap. 10
1 The generations of Noah. 2 The sonnes of Iaphet. 6 The sonnes of Ham. 8 Nimrod the first Monarch. 21 The sonnes of Shem.
Chap. 11
1 One language in the world. 3 The building of Babel. 5 The confusion of tongues. 10 The generations of Shem. 27 The generations of Terah the father of Abram. 31 Terah goeth from Vr to Haran.
Chap. 12
1 God calleth Abram, and blesseth him with a promise of Christ. 4 He departeth with Lot from Haran. 6 He iourneyeth through Canaan, 7 which is promised him in a vision. 10 Hee is driuen by a famine into Egypt. 11 Feare maketh him faine his wife to be his sister. 14 Pharaoh hauing taken her from him, by plagues is compelled to restore her.
Chap. 13
1 Abram and Lot returne out of Egypt. 7 By disagreement they part asunder. 10 Lot goeth to wicked Sodom. 14 God renueth the promise to Abram. 18 He remoueth to Hebron, and there buildeth an Altar.
Chap. 14
1 The battell of foure Kings against fiue. 11 Lot is taken prisoner. 14 Abram rescueth him. 18 Melchi-zedek blesseth Abram. 20 Abram giueth him tithe. 22 The rest of the spoile, his partners hauing had their portions, he restoreth to the King of Sodom.
Chap. 15
1 God encourageth Abram. 2 Abram complaneth for want of an heire. 4 God promiseth him a sonne, and a multiplying of his seed. 6 Abram is iustified by faith. 7 Canaan is promised againe, and confirmed by a signe, 12 and a vision.
Chap. 16
1 Sarai, being barren, giueth Hagar to Abram. 4 Hagar being afflicted for despising her mistresse, runneth away. 7 An Angel sendeth her backe to submit her selfe, 11 and telleth her of her child. 15 Ishmael is borne.
Chap. 17
1 God reneweth the Couenant. 5 Abram his name is changed, in token of a greater blessing. 10 Circumcision is instituted. 15 Sarai her name is changed, and she is blessed. 17 Izaac is promised. 23 Abram and Ishmael are circumcised.
Chap. 18
1 Abraham entertaineth three Angels. 9 Sarah is reproued for laughing at the strange promise. 17 The destruction of Sodome is reuealed to Abraham. 23 Abraham maketh intercession for the men thereof.
Chap. 19
1 Lot entertaineth two Angels. 4 The vicious Sodomites are striken with blindnesse. 12 Lot is sent for safety into the mountaines. 18 Hee obtaineth leaue to goe into Zoar. 24 Sodome and Gomorrah are destroyed. 26 Lots wife is a pillar of salt. 30 Lot dwelleth in a caue. 31 The incestuous originall of Moab and Ammon.
Chap. 20
1 Abraham soiourneth at Gerar, 2 denieth his wife, and loseth her. 3 Abimelech is reproued for her in a dreame. 9 He rebuketh Abraham, 14 restoreth Sarah, 16 and reprooueth her. 17 Hee is healed by Abrahams prayer.
Chap. 21
1 Isaac is borne. 4 He is circumcised. 6 Sarahs ioy. 9 Hagar & Ishmael are cast forth. 15 Hagar in distresse. 17 The Angel comforteth her. 22 Abimelechs couenant with Abraham at Beer-sheba.
Chap. 22
1 Abraham is tempted to offer Isaac. 3 Hee giueth proofe of his faith and obedience. 11 The Angel stayeth him. 13 Isaac is exchanged with a ramme. 14 The place is called Iehouah-ijreh. 15 Abraham is blessed againe. 20 The generation of Nahor vnto Rebekah.
Chap. 23
1 The age and death of Sarah. 3 The purchase of Machpelah, 19 where Sarah was buried.
Chap. 24
1 Abraham sweareth his seruant. 10 The seruants iourney: 12 His prayer: 14 His signe. 15 Rebekah meeteth him, 18 fulfilleth his signe, 22 receiueth iewels, 23 sheweth her kinred, 25 and inuiteth him home. 26 The seruant blesseth God. 28 Laban enterteineth him. 34 The seruant sheweth his message. 50 Laban and Bethuel approue it. 58 Rebekah consenteth to goe. 62 Isaac meeteth her.
Chap. 25
1 The sonnes of Abraham by Keturah. 5 The diuision of his goods. 7 His age and death. 9 His buriall. 12 The generations of Ishmael. 17 His age, and death. 19 Isaac prayeth for Rebekah being barren. 22 The children striue in her wombe. 24 The birth of Esau and Iacob. 27 Their difference. 29 Esau selleth his birthright.
Chap. 26
1 Isaac because of famine went to Gerar. 2 God instructeth, and blesseth him. 7 Hee is reproued by Abimelech for denying his wife. 12 He groweth rich. 18 He diggeth Esek, Sitnah, and Rehoboth. 23 Abimelech maketh a couenant with him at Beersheba. 34 Easus wiues.
Chap. 27
1 Isaac sendeth Esau for venison. 5 Rebekah instructeth Iacob to obtaine the blessing. 15 Iacob vnder the person of Esau obteineth it. 30 Esau bringeth venison. 33 Isaac trembleth. 34 Esau complaineth, and by importunitie obtaineth a blessing. 41 He threatneth Iacob. 42 Rebekah disappointeth it.
Chap. 28
1 Isaac blesseth Iacob, and sendeth him to Padan Aram. 6 Esau marrieth Mahalal the daughter of Ishmael. 10 The Vision of Iacobs ladder. 18 The stone of Bethel. 20 Iacobs vow.
Chap. 29
1 Iacob commeth to the well of Haran. 9 He taketh acquaintance of Rachel. 13 Laban enterteineth him. 18 Iacob couenanteth for Rachel. 23 He is deceiued with Leah. 28 He marrieth also Rachel, and serueth for her seuen yeeres more. 32 Leah beareth Reuben, 33 Simeon, 34 Leui, 35 and Iudah.
Chap. 30
1 Rachel in griefe for her barrennesse, giueth Bilhah her mayd vnto Iacob. 5 She beareth Dan and Naphtali. 9 Leah giueth Zilpah her mayd, who beareth Gad and Asher. 14 Reuben findeth Mandrakes, with which Leah buyeth her husband of Rachel. 17 Leah beareth Issachar, Zebulun, and Dinah. 22 Rachel beareth Ioseph. 25 Iacob desireth to depart. 27 Laban stayeth him on a new couenant. 37 Iacobs policie, whereby hee became rich.
Chap. 31
1 Iacob vpon displeasure departeth secretly. 19 Rachel stealeth her fathers images. 22 Laban pursueth after him, 26 and complaineth of the wrong. 34 Rachels policie to hide the images. 36 Iacobs complaint of Laban. 43 The couenant of Laban and Iacob at Galeed.
Chap. 32
1 Iacobs vision at Mahanaim. 3 His message to Esau. 6 He is afraid of Esaus comming. 9 He prayeth for deliuerance. 13 Hee sendeth a present to Esau. 24 He wrestleth with an Angel at Peniel, where hee is called Israel. 31 He halteth.
Chap. 33
1 The kindness of Iacob and Esau at their meeting. 17 Iacob commeth to Succoth. 18 At Salem he buyeth a field, and buildeth an Altar called Elohe Israel.
Chap. 34
1 Dinah is rauished by Shechem. 4 He sueth to marry her. 13 The sonnes of Iacob offer the condition of Circumcision to the Shechemites. 20 Hamor and Shechem perswade them to accept it. 25 The sonnes of Iacob vpon that aduantage slay them, 27 and spoile their citie. 30 Iacob reprooueth Simeon and Leui.
Chap. 35
1 God sendeth Iacob to Bethel. 2 He purgeth his house of idols. 6 He buildeth an Altar at Bethel. 8 Deborah dieth at Allon Bachuth. 9 God blesseth Iacob at Bethel. 16 Rachel traueileth of Beniamin, and dieth in the way to Edar. 22 Reuben lieth with Bilhah. 23 The sonnes of Iacob. 27 Iacob commeth to Isaac at Hebron. 28 The age, death, and buriall of Isaac.
Chap. 36
1 Esaus three wiues. 6 His remouing to mount Seir. 9 His sonnes. 15 The Dukes which descended of his sonnes. 20 The sonnes and dukes of Seir. 24 Anah findeth mules. 31 The kings of Edom. 40 The dukes that descended of Esau.
Chap. 37
1 Ioseph is hated of his brethren. 5 His two dreames. 13 Iacob sendeth him to visite his brethren. 18 His brethren conspire his death. 21 Reuben saueth him. 26 They sell him to the Ishmeelites. 31 His father, deceiued by the bloodie coat, mourneth for him. 36 Hee is sold to Potiphar in Egypt.
Chap. 38
1 Iudah begetteth Er, Onan, and Shelah. 6 Er marrieth Tamar. 8 The trespasse of Onan. 11 Tamar stayeth for Shelah. 13 She deceiueth Iadah. 27 She beareth twinnes, Pharez and Zarah.
Chap. 39
1 Ioseph aduanced in Potiphars house. 7 Hee resisteth his mistresses temptation. 13 He is falsly accused. 19 Hee is cast in prison. 21 God is with him there.
Chap. 40
1 The Butler and Baker of Pharaoh in prison. 4 Ioseph hath charge of them. 5 He interpreteth their dreames. 20 They come to passe according to his interpretation. 23 The ingratitude of the Butler.
Chap. 41
1 Pharaohs two dreames. 9 Ioseph interpreteth them. 33 Hee giueth Pharaoh counsell. 38 Ioseph is aduanced. 50 Hee begetteth Manasseh and Ephraim. 54 The famine beginneth.
Chap. 42
1 Iacob sendeth his ten sonnes to buy corne in Egypt. 6 They are imprisoned by Ioseph for spies. 18 They are set at libertie, on condition to bring Beniamin. 21 They haue remorse for Ioseph. 24 Simeon is kept for a pledge. 25 They returne with corne, and their money. 29 Their relation to Iacob. 36 Iacob refuseth to send Beniamin.
Chap. 43
1 Iacob is hardly perswaded to send Beniamin. 15 Ioseph entertaineth his brethren. 31 Hee maketh them a feast.
Chap. 44
1 Ioseph policie to stay his brethren. 14 Iudahs humble supplication to Ioseph.
Chap. 45
1 Ioseph maketh himselfe knowen to his brethren. 5 Hee comforteth them in Gods prouidence. 9 Hee sendeth for his father. 16 Pharaoh confirmeth it. 21 Ioseph furnisheth them for their iourney, and exhorteth them to concord. 25 Iacob is reuiued with the newes.
Chap. 46
1 Iacob is comforted by God at Beersheba. 5 Thence hee with his company goeth into Egypt. 8 The number of his family that went into Egypt. 28 Ioseph meeteth Iacob. 31 Hee instructeth his brethren how to answere to Pharaoh.
Chap. 47
1 Ioseph presenteth fiue of his brethren, 7 and his father, before Pharaoh. 11 Hee giueth them habitation and maintenance. 13 He getteth all the Egyptians money, 16 their cattell, 18 their lands to Pharaoh. 22 The Priestes land was not bought. 23 Hee letteth the land to them for a fift part. 28 Iacobs age. 29 Hee sweareth Ioseph to burie him with his fathers.
Chap. 48
1 Ioseph with his sonnes visiteth his sicke father. 2 Iacob strengtheneth himselfe to blesse them. 3 He repeateth the promise. 5 He taketh Ephraim and Manasseh as his owne. 7 Hee telleth him of his mothers graue. 9 Hee blesseth Ephraim and Manasseh. 17 Hee preferreth the yonger before the elder. 21 He prophesieth their returne to Canaan.
Chap. 49
1 Iacob calleth his sonnes to blesse them. 3 Their blessing in particular. 29 He chargeth them about his buriall. 33 He dieth.
Chap. 50
1 The mourning for Iacob. 4 Ioseph getteth leaue of Pharaoh to goe to bury him. 7 The funerall. 15 Ioseph comforteth his brethren, who craued his pardon. 22 His age. 23 He seeth the third generation of his sonnes. 24 He prophesieth vnto his brethren of their returne. 25 He taketh an oath of them for his bones. 26 He dieth, and is chested.